Revised 10/05/02

Is there an IO-240 in your 150's future???

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While at Oshkosh 2001 I stopped at the Teledyne Continental tent and took some photos of the IO-240 engine on a stand. While some of the pics didn't come out too well, a few survived and here they are.


This engine is essentially a combination of IO-360 cylinders (such as used on a Cessna Skymaster or Piper Seneca II) and an O-200 case and accessory housing. The case has of course, been re-designed to accept the cylinders and the mechanical fuel pump and some other necessary changes but its heritage is in the O-200.

At the far right of this pic is a coil block with the yellow spark plug leads going to it. This engine has no distributor, but rather has a sensor system like that of a modern auto engine and coil blocks to fire the plugs.

The intake system of the IO-360 cylinders is on top and this creates some difficulties in getting filtered air up to the intake spyder.

This shot shows the airfilter box at left with the large red scat hose going up to the intake system on top. The item behind the baffle, just above the airfilter box is the fuel injection pump, driven off a bevel gear from the camshaft. The oil cooler is firewall mounted at lower right with a scat hose bringing it cool air from the top side of the engine. The coil block is just above it. The oil filter peeking out from behind the number 2 cylinder is on an adapter which is similar to the F&M adapter for the O-200 with the adaption of the oil cooler fittings and cold oil bypass valve.

Head on view showing the alternator and the air filter box.

Close up of the oil tank and engine mount bushings, identical to the O-200.

This starter is nearly a carbon copy of the Sky-Tec starter offered for the O-200 engines. Just below the white rubber wire boot on the starter, and above the yellow wires is the two electronic connectors for the sensors for the ignition system. They are mounted where the right magneto would usually be found. The left mag position and the alternator position on the accessory housing was machined partially, but left closed off.