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Aviation Links

(FAA, FAR's, AD's, NPRM's, aircraft manufacturers, type clubs, parts suppliers, etc.)

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Legal stuff: The material presented below is for educational/entertainment/reference use only and should not be used as documentation in the inspection and repair of any aircraft. You should always consult the Manufacturers FAA/CAA approved documentation such as Maintenance Manuals, Service Letters and Bulletins, Kit instructions, STC's, etc. for inspection and repair information and procedures. I make no claim or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the material presented, and accept no responsibility for its use or misuse. Also, this web page or any other of mine, is not connected with, or approved or sanctioned by Cessna Aircraft Corp. or any other entity named herein.  Charles M. Hanna

Government Web Sites and useful pages

The FAA's site is huge, but through, and many times difficult to find exactly what you are looking for, so as I find useful pages or sites within the FAA I'll list them seperately.

The FAA's Homepage

Flight Standards District Offices (Find your nearest office with this locater, and a WHOLE lot more!)

"Homepage" of ALL FAR's (Federal Air Regulations) both current and historical

Link to the GPO site with the complete Code of Federal Regulations (Federal Law) from which you can search and display current and historical versions of the FAR's

The FAA's AD (Airworthiness Directive) "homepage"

AC 43.13-1B Aircraft Inspection and Repair "mechanics bible"

NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) for AD's and Potential AD's

FAA Office of Regulation and Certification (Includes Flight Standards, Aircraft Certification, Accident Investigation, Medicine, Rulemaking, and Suspected Unapproved Parts)

US Department of Transportation Homepage

US NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) Homepage

Transport Canada homepage in English and in French

Transport Canada Civil Aviation page

Transport Canada's airport information and contact index


Aircraft Type Clubs

Bellanca and Champion Club

The Cessna 140 Club

The Cessna 150 and 152 Aircraft Club

The Cessna 150-152 discussion board on Yahoo

(Cessna 177 and 177RG) Cardinal Flyers Online "CFO"

The Cessna 172 and 182 Club

The Cessna Skywagon (185) Organization

The Cessna Owner Organization

The Cessna Pilots Association

(Piper) Cherokee Pilots Association

International Comanche (Piper) Society

The Mooney Association

Piper Owners Society

(Piper) Super Cub Specialist

The Twin Cessna Flyer

Morrisey/Shinn/ Varga Aircraft Cyber Hangar


General Aviation Aircraft and Engines

Raytheon (Beechcraft) Aircraft (sub of Raytheon Corp.) homepage

Cessna Textron homepage

Cessna Single Engine Product Support (this is where you get POH's, Maint. Manuals, IPC's, and such, current and up to date and expensive.)

Lycoming Textron homepage

Maule Air (manufacturers of Maule Aircraft, in Moultrie, GA)

The New Piper Corporation

Teledyne Continental Motors

Textron Corp. subsidiary listing and links to each homepage


Commerical Aircraft and Engines

The CFM Corp. Homepage

The General Electric Aircraft Engine Homepage

The Pratt and Whitney Commerical Turbine Aircraft Engine Homepage

The Rolls-Royce Commerical Turbine Aircraft Engine Homepage

Airbus Industrie homepage

The Boeing Commerical Aircraft Homepage
(This site has a neat screen saver you can download)

Lockheed Martin homepage



Cessna Parts Suppliers (New)

PPonk Aviation (speciality parts for 170's, 180's, 185's)

CessnaParts.Com division of Hill Aircraft, Atlanta (free if you know the partnumber, even if it is an obselete number; but they charge you to look it up if you don't know it at all!) Premier Aviation web site

Plastic and Fiberglass components

Globe Fiberglass, LTD, Inc.

Stene Aviation, Inc.

Texas Aeroplastics


Parts and Component Manufacturers


Airborne Air & Fuel Products (Div. of Parker-Hannifin Corp.)

Cleveland Wheels & Brakes (Div. of Parker-Hannifin Corp.)

Electrosystems, Inc. (OEM mfg. of starters and alternators, formerly Prestolite products. Also rebuilder of many other accessories. Division of Kelly Aerospace.)

Global Filtration (Manufacturers of Aerospace filters, now producing a line of FAA-PMA general aviation spin on oil filters.)

Kelly Aersopace (parent company to several OEM manufacturers)

Lord Manufacturing (engine and instrument mounts)

McCauley Textron homepage

Michelin Tires (Aircraft)

Precision Airmotive (OEM carburetor mfg., formerly Marvel-Scheibler and Facet.)

Sensenich Propeller Corp.

Unison Industries (manufacturer of Slick magnetos, Autolite spark plugs and electrical components.)

FAA-PMA Replacement Parts Manufacturers


Concorde Batteries Kelly Aerospace, parent company of several leading aviation companies.

Consoldated Fuel Systems (mfg./rebuilder of fuel system components and parts/rebuild kits) see Kelly Aerospace

Electrosystems, Inc. (Manufacturer of light weight starters for Lycomings, and a whole lot more) see Kelly Aerospace

Engine Components, Inc. (ECI)(manufacturer of replacement cylinders, crankshafts, CermiNil process, etc.)

Lamar Technologies Corp. (light weight starters for Continental ***but not O-200's*** and Lycoming engines.)

Rapco (Manufacturer of complete line of FAA-PMA parts, including filters, brake linings, vacum pumps, and other components.)


Suppliers of Manuals, AD, FAR's, etc.

Aviation Mainentance Technology Magazine Bookstore T-Data (producers of IApproach software) Aircraft Techanical Publishers, the original single source publisher of Aircraft manuals and regulatory information.

Part and Component Vendors

Desser Tire and Rubber Co.

Placards and Stencils Moody Aerographics, interior placard kits and exterior placards and stencils, etc. Belleview, FL Greely, CO


Oil, Lubricant, and Protectant Manufacturers


Lear Chemical Research Corporation (manufacturer of ACF-50 corrosion treatment)

Phillips Petroleum Company



Miscellaneous Aviation Sites

Landings (the busiest aviation site on the web, so they claim)

Trade-A-Plane online

Ultimate Aviation Links


Aircraft Tool Suppliers

Brown Aviation Tool Supply

Chicago Pneumatic

Spenro Aircraft Tools

The Yard (the largest selection of bucking bars I've ever seen)

U. S. Industrial Tool & Supply Co.